Stefan Salvatore

“I had a plan. I wanted to change who I was. Give my life to someone new. Someone without the past. Without the pain. Someone alive.”

stoic Stefan


Now I can’t say that I’m a Vampire Diaries expert. Sadly, though I have watched every episode of the TV series I have access to, but I have only read two of the novels. And these were the first to introduce me to the other side of the Damon Salvatore coin – his brother, Stefan. It almost seems unfair to say that these two characters are of the same blood. They may share a name, but their personalities are so completely at odds with one another.

I am not Stefan Salvatore’s biggest fan, but I do try.

When I first met this character in the novels by L.J. Smith, I was surprised at how underwhelming I found him. I was hoping for a vampire! A bad guy with a soft squishy centre buried deep down inside. A centre that some lucky girl would take immense pleasure in uncovering. Sadly though, all I got was Stefan. Stefan with incredibly cheesy, cringe-worthy lines like “Oh, Elena!”


Thankfully, book-Damon was there to pick up his wet-blanket brother’s pieces.

But I should stop myself, Damon has had his time to shine, this is all about Stefan. Who, as it turns out, actually had moments of redemption in the television series. Now, I’m not the biggest supporter of ripping-humans-to-pieces vampires, but Stefan makes a WONDERFUL douchebag.

Pensive Stefan

“Yes, being a 150 year old teenager has been the height of my happiness.”


When we delve into his history and we discover that Stefan was not always the boy-scout he makes himself out to be, he goes from being just another Edward Cullen (who is, incidentally, a terrible Louis de Pointe du Lac) to being a real person. Stoic, even, some might say. Stefan not only forced his unsuspecting brother to permanently become a member of the undead, but he also then learnt to shut off his feelings much quicker than any other vampire. On a side note, for those that are unfamiliar with the Vampire Diaries mythos, vampires can turn off their human emotional responses, such as guilt and love to name a few, in order to protect themselves from pain. In so doing, however, Stefan became, what is referred to as, a ripper.

Pensiver-er Stefan

“I put my faith in to my father. Damon put his faith in to me and I destroyed that.”


As a ripper, Stefan felt nothing and caused a swathe of bloody murders across the world. Until he was saved from himself by Alexia “Lexi” Branson, who taught him to feed only on animal blood to keep himself from losing control again.

Until, naturally, something happened to screw the whole affair up again.

Niklaus Mikaelson is an original vampire. And being an original vampire means that he is capable of dominating/commanding/compelling other vampires to do as he pleases. And he uses this ability quite freely. Particularly to force his once blood-buddy to become a ripper once again.

The only person who has any hope of bringing Stefan back to his humanity is Elena Gilbert. Which is a problem, because he no longer cares enough about her to change for her.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Klaus is forced to retract his compulsion and Stefan is his old self once more. A sad, sad day indeed. I really liked carefree, douchebag Stefan. I felt he had more character. I especially preferred him in relation to season four Stefan who goes well out of his way to ruin any happiness his poor, long-suffering brother, Damon, may ever have with Elena.

And again, this is not about Damon. Who is awesome, by the way. And way cooler. And stuff.

I know, I sound a bit like I’m Stefan-bashing. You may even say I’m Team Damon.

And it’s time for another *Shudder.*

Pensive-est Stefan

But I don’t hate Stefan. All characters – particularly vampires – should have two sides to them. I simply find it frustrating that Stefan’s “good” side is so extreme. It’s like beaten-boyfriend syndrome. Whatever Elena does to him is okay, as long as she still loves him more than Damon after everything. Just like Edward in Twilight, who allows Bella to be IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAN! Just so long as she goes home with Eddie at day’s end.


Why can’t I avoid the Twilight references? Could it be that the stories’ characters are just too damn similar?

Oh, excuse me, I must have fallen into a sar-chasm.

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    stefan e muito gato en diarios de um vampiro ele e uma mistura de edward cullen da saga crepusculo eu amo vampiros

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    I and Elina are very like. And Elijah and Klaus are not some good people!!!!
    And You are so hot!!! And Damon

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