The Beauty of the Savage Garden

The concept of the Savage Garden in the novels of Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles literature is one thought of in the mind of Lestat, a sometime philosopher and articulate hero. The phrase is first seen in The Vampire Lestat, as the perspective hero, is attempting to understand the darkness of the world in which he exists. It begins, first of all, with Lestat’s terror of The Witch’s Place, the location in the forests of his homeland where witches were executed for their crimes against God and man. Lestat experiences a crisis of emotive horror at the thought of these women, men, children, being tortured, murdered, in this exact spot, where he stands, and, it flings back to his terror, alone, in the snow, hounded by a pack of wolves, dying alone, or, perhaps, simply fearing dying alone.

His existentialism stems from what he is beginning to see of the people that surround him, the people that make the world in which he lives, the meaninglessness of their casual cruelty visited upon one another.

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