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“When I was a little girl, I dreamt of vampires.” These are the first words spoken by Devika Templeton in the vampire romance, Bought in Blood, the first in the Sanguinem Emere trilogy series, co-written by Carmen and her partner-in-crime, Richard T. Wheeler. More than that, these are the words that have coloured Carmen’s existence. As a young child, she would sit avidly in front of the television, hoping against hope that today’s cartoon instalment would be a Halloween special. These are the words that drove her to start writing, to want there to be more in the world than the monochrome of reality. As a result, she immersed herself in the vampire genre, studied it where she could and learnt from it where her knowledge was lacking. Her first serious foray into literature – the point at which she first realised she wanted to write – was the day she opened Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. She was so inspired that she began writing her first novel that very night; though thankfully, her perfectionism drove her to delete it very soon after its inception. Anne Rice was not only her biggest inspiration, but also her gateway drug. She very soon devoured every form of vampire literature she could find, from Poppy Z. Brite to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels based closely on the television series. Carmen studied Journalism, English, Editing and Visual Communications, amongst other things and consequently went into academia. She is now a part-time editor and copy-writer, as well as an English lecturer in Midrand, South Africa. Carmen’s interests are varied and she places emphasis on using vampiric settings to tell stories about other, more engaging topics of discussion, such as BDSM, Stockholm Syndrome, and homo-eroticism. Her one biggest regret in life is that she could not study vampire literature in an academic environment.

In 2013, Carmen and her fiancee Richard attended the annual Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club’s Vampire Ball in New Orleans. A lifetime achievement for both authors. Carmen was fortunate to speak on a panel with other acclaimed authors and hopes to return to every event held by the fanclub in years to come.

Richard T. Wheeler

Richard T. Wheeler Author

Richard T Wheeler is the co-author of the Sanguinem Emere mythology and author of A Girl Called Storm in the STORM Anthology. His first co-authored novel, Bought in Blood was published on Amazon in an attempt to save the reclusive and endangered Lesser Spotted Old School Vampire. It is an ongoing conservation project.

Born in Pretoria, South Africa, he farms stories and crippling self-doubt from wherever he can make a laptop and wine spend time in the same room with him. That is if and when he can pry himself away from the novels by Jim Butcher, Sergei Lukyanenko and Terry Pratchett.  He considers borderline alcoholism as part and parcel of the writer’s job description and is starting to understand why Ingrid Jonker walked into the sea.

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    Is your partner in crime a metalhead?!

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      We both are, to a degree. But he is more than I am.

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    Pretty Carmen….^_^

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