Day 2 (like a Zombie Apocalypse countdown, only less ammo)

May 17, 2017

Now I know that writing a novella in four days is not a giant feat of strength. I know that so many indies do it every day, but this isn’t so much a competition as a personal challenge to meet some criteria for myself.

The criteria remain as they were:

Compelling Characters

Intriguing Story

No Lulling

Maybe a little Romance

Acceptable Higher Quality Writing

Strong Themes

Aesthetic Value

As per the norm, I’m heading into Dark Romance, but what the hell, it’s where my passion lies. So, no, writing a novella in four days is no mean feat for the average to awesome writer, but it is for me. I’ve made the brilliant start to make this a public challenge, and if I retain some shame and missing my own deadlines, it’s nothing compared to the shame I’ll feel for having to explain to a handful of people online that I didn’t make my target. Reasoning that this novella will be anywhere between 20, 000 and 30, 000 words long, I’ll need to write over five thousand words a day to keep up. Aaaaaaaand, I’ve not quite gotten there yet.

Inspiration is never difficult to come by. It’s everywhere. If I run out of new inspiration I just rewatch an old vamp series, an anime, I read a line here, or listen to a particular song lyric. I remind myself why I am doing what I am doing every day and it makes inspiration flow like icy tap water. The trouble isn’t inspiration, it’s the never-ending interruptions, the real-time responsibilities at work. My job is by no means hard. If I put my mind to it, I could push out ten thousand words a day and still manage to keep up with my work. Really, there’s no excuse, but yesterday was a long, long day.

In the days of my Nanowrimo participation, I managed more than ten thousand words a day to keep up with a flagging goal. Once. For now, back to work. The achieved target by the end of the day must be over 10, 000 words. Yikes.

Current word count, 2, 863 words.

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