Fright Night

I cannot honestly say that I ever pictured Colin Farrell as a vampire. And I imagine that if anyone had asked me what I thought of such an idea I would have rolled on the floor with my own hysterical laughter.

The Taker

Because for all the pain wrought in me by this strangely eloquent novel, the pleasure it evoked was made that much more satisfying. The deeper the bruising, the more stringent the punishment, the more sublime the ecstasy becomes.

Vampire Knight

Love between family members is a finicky thing to handle in any story… Of course, the path of least resistance, the most natural route is to keep the relations clean and pure. However, the more titillating option is to create confusion, mess with your characters’ minds. 

Betrayer of the Code

A short display of appreciation for the video to Betrayer of the Code by The Unguided.

Vampire: The Requiem

It is one thing to understand the vampire, to sympathise with its plight as a former human, but quite another to aim at becoming one. In the world of White Wolf Publishing’s Vampire: the Requiem, this is exactly what one is encouraged to do – become the monster and learn to stabilise the fine balance between man and beast before the monster takes over permanently.

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter

Anita Blake is a necromancer, a re-animator. She brings the dead back to life nightly to answer the questions of their former loved ones and acquaintances. And this is just what she does for a living…

Queen of the Damned (Movie)

It is watching this film that makes me fully understand the distaste the author has for fan-fiction. It has its place, but to me, this particular instance of it, ruined a beautiful book.

Queen of the Damned (Novel)

Reading the Vampire Chronicles is like melting into another world. Worlds, even. The characters become more than just descriptions on paper; without warning, we find ourselves relating to them, crying with them, loving them as they traverse centuries of time. Sometimes millennia.

Interview with the Vampire (Movie)

Even if you have no idea who Anne Rice is, even if you have never read a page out of the Vampire Chronicles, you still know about Interview with the Vampire...

The Vampire Lestat

Across the globe people have used the name Lestat, as pseudonyms, pet names, and – even in the secrets of their minds – calling themselves by it, trying to draw closer to a world that thrills and entices them.

The Vampire Armand

Armand’s tale begins where his impetus to follow faith blindly ends. He has experienced countless instances of devotion to silent, unyielding gods; not always out of true belief, but often out of a need to believe in something. But when he does believe, he believes with a depth and sweetness in a goodness which cannot be identified as anything other than benevolent…

Blood and Gold

Marius is the eternally paternal figure, a symbol of wisdom and control in a monstrous world which is all about losing control and trying to rein oneself back into some semblance of calm. He has constantly been a mythological character, almost, one that may or may not still exist, as a sign that there is some kind of stillness past all the chaos that being a vampire brings to the fore. At least he is all of that, until he tells his own story, confesses his own secrets, and reveals himself to be made of the same human clay as we all are…

The Tale of the Body Thief

The Tale of the Body Thief is a thematic story that is retold by the author in a manner so utterly different from others of its style that it entirely revamps the notion…

Memnoch, The Devil

Memnoch, The Devil is the novel that should have been expected by every avid reader of The Vampire Chronicles from the inception of the series. Wherever one encounters vampires, one encounters the obvious question, the natural uncertainty, of the religious conundrum…

Blood Canticle

Blood Canticle is the final novel in The Vampire Chronicles series. It concludes Lestat’s quest for Goodness as he discovers that the Good – which he seeks in everything, from religion to the actions of mortals and immortals alike – is apparent in his own mind, his own actions, in his capability to be inherently good, if the stakes are high enough…


Merrick is one of the culminate novels in The Vampire Chronicles series, the first novel truly set in the beautiful city of New Orleans since Interview with the Vampire, and it introduces a vibrant and compelling new character, a member of the Mayfair line, though indeed their lesser known and not as wealthy relatives.  The story, as most of Rice’s great tales, is told on two planes, the present, where the action constantly unravels, and the past as Merrick’s life is unfurled to provoke a sense of familiarity with her from the reader…

Blackwood Farm

Blackwood Farm is the story of Tarquinn Blackwood and his transition from innocent wonder to self-depreciating experience. It is a story unto itself, seemingly, at first, unrelated to any other Rice novel to date, but being the crux novel which combines two very different universes predominantly set in the same city, New Orleans. It is the penultimate novel in the Vampire Chronicles series and unifies the world of vampires with that of the Mayfair witches…

Vittorio, The Vampire

Vittorio, the Vampire is a novel from the short-lived spin-off to The Vampire Chronicles series, entitled New Tales of the Vampires. It is the only work of Anne Rice’s vampire literature to stand entirely on its own, the story of a vampire who in no way equates himself with the Coven of the Articulate. Who, in fact, has gifts that might seem incomprehensible to those others who so easily put pen to paper…

Prince Lestat

Fourteen years ago, Anne Rice released what fans were told was to be the final instalment in The Vampire Chronicles. It was sweet, charming, brutal, and then, wholly saturated with feeling. The average reader could not strike through the last chapter without crying, Lestat, the brave hero, the intrepid companion, through centuries of his life, through pain, and loss, and deep aching upheaval, was leaving, and as a whole, as a forum, the fans, were powerless to stop him… 

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    Anne Rice, yes. I love the books and the first movie.
    Is this blog still new?
    No reviews on, Richelle Mead, JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Elisabeth Naughton??

    • Reply Lafaeyette April 9, 2013 at 5:29 pm


      Yes, the blog is still relatively new in the sense that it has been running for approximately a year and I am one (1) person writing up content for it :). There is a lot to do, I will eventually get down to everything. But for now I’ll take a look at what you suggested, I’m always looking for new content to work on :).

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    Well, chop chop!! Get a move on filling in the blog. 🙂

    Can I ask where you found your images? Specifically the male vampires (one in a cloak/duster the other close-up looks like Louie from Interview with the Vampire)? Do you mind if I borrow? Always looking for stock for my own photoshop art. If they aren’t yours can you share the sources so I can ask the owners?

    • Reply Lafaeyette April 10, 2013 at 7:59 am

      Hahahahaha! The images I found through searches, you are more than welcome to use them, I would just suggest you stick a disclaimer on your site. I’m not ever entirely sure where they came from. I tracked a few down and I try to give credit when I can find the owner/artist, but mostly they’re AWOL.

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    Thanks. I’ll add the ones I use to my credits page.

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    Keep up the good work, your site is among my bookmarks now. 🙂

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      I know it really is :(.

      Thanks, I have bookmarked yours as well, LOVE the writing.

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