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‘To All The Vamps I’ve Loved Before’

February 14, 2017

It’s February 14th and I figured I would go with the mushy stuff as a tribute to the mushiest day of the year, as well as my all-time most beloved vampire series of novels, The Vampire Chronicles, by Anne Rice. Now, this may be spurred by my need to clear the air on some things, my need to show my support for not just some of the incomparable Ms Rice’s work, but all of it, and also by my incessant need to write down random meandering thoughts, but what the hell.

I’d like to preface this piece by noting that I have never been one of (nor will I fully understand) those people that choose to exempt the series from some of its parts. Yes, I was young when I read the Chronicles (the first time) and maybe that affected my particular tolerance/love/adoration for them, but, I have never looked at the cover of one of these books after finishing that last word on that last page, set it down and thought “Well, hell, I won’t be touching that thing ever again. What a waste of my time.” Not once. And this is not a fun story I’m weaving for the sake of being a fangirl, this is blatant fact. The Chronicles up to Blood Canticle formed who I am today and I loved each and every one of them with singular devotion as if they were their own tiny universes with new things for me to fall in love with. Did I love Mona? No, not really. Did I sometimes wish that Lestat had stayed with Louis indefinitely and been a monogamous lover who only wanted his one and only? Sometimes. Was I ever offended that he not only betrayed David, but also took yet another fledgling? All the time. But this is canon. This is real. This is in print, there, on the paper, and it is what it is, and I didn’t love Lestat, or the books that he “wrote” any less for it. So why would I “choose” to dislike Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle? Dear God, why?! Two of the most beautifully written things I have ever laid my eyes on! I cried for days!

Eh, maybe I am just being overprotective of the things I felt, but I think that these stories are shining examples of what Anne Rice is capable of giving to her fandom, and I love her all the more for them. I cherish them above all of my books.

But my love for the Chronicles is not all the mush I wanted to look at today. I give you Vampire Relations Appreciation Day!

Louis and Lestat

I don’t think I could get away with not mentioning this Vamp Power Couple. They’re like A-List vampire celebs and were even played by A-List celebs. Lestat and Louis were a same-sex couple when it was still taboo, and they somehow made it work for a full human lifespan together. To hear Louis tell it, it was hell, but if we read between the lines, maybe he was just at his wits end with his rambunctious and oftentimes manic maker. There are too many good reasons to love these two. They are the light and dark, they represent the good and the bad in people and the ups and downs of every relationship. They represent the one-sidedness of love. That each always feels that he feels more deeply than the other. They so often lack communication. But centuries later, look, they’re still together. And it’s beautiful. I dare anyone to tell me differently.

Marius and Armand

I feel like the “Marius and…” list is going to get extensive very quickly. But this one is one of my favourites. It was palpable enough in The Vampire Lestat, but the reunion of these two in Queen of the Damned was completely heart wrenching. They are the oddest and most compelling of couples: Marius, a stoic scholar and painter, and Amadeo, an obstreperous man-child with a knack for demands of love and outwardly selfish behaviour to get what he wants. A typical teenaged kid, basically. Their relationship has the hallmarks of bordering on uncomfortable and well beyond taboo, but has the sweetest core to it.

Louis and Claudia

Wow, this love story. Is it creepy to call it that? No, I don’t think so. It’s been validated that the act of caring for a child/infant alters the chemicals in the human mind to represent the feelings of falling in love. And Louis was nothing if not absolutely besotted with Claudia. Their relationship bloomed from a father and a daughter to eternal lovers, and isn’t that the way with all vampire relations? So many readers view Claudia as a monster. Her actions were monstrous, I’ve no doubt of that, but she wasn’t a monster so much as a tragedy, and Louis’ inherit tragedy was that he was the reason for her failings as a human, a vampire, and a child and companion. It’s a classic romance. Romances almost never have happy endings for everyone.

Marius and Pandora (<—Oh look)

Honourable mention? Maybe. Marius has a habit of falling for the least likely of suspects. Men and women that are nothing like him in the least, and in the end he leaves, they leave, everyone leaves, but while it lasts it’s always perfect. Pandora was Marius’ counterweight, and who can not love a story that spans millennia of a man looking for the lost second half of his heart?

Louis and Merrick

For the haters: I loved this love story. I was so sad when it didn’t carry through, when it seemed as if Louis had forgotten all about Merrick and her witchy witchliness. Yes, yes, she tricked him. She sabotaged his misery and almost drove him to suicide, but you know what she did do for him? She LIBERATED him! That’s right. Claudia’s grip on Louis’ heart was killing him. Merrick, set him free. In a manner of speaking.

Honourable Mentions

~ Because this article is reaching the realms of too-long-didn’t-read ~

Marius and Bianca (sigh)

Armand and Daniel

Lestat and David

Lestat and Nicki

Lestat and Akasha (Maybe Lestat needs a *sigh* too)

I KNOW I’ve missed out more than a few. I know that the list of Vampire Love is so long that I’d be writing on it until my fingers bled if I continued. But I don’t want to bore you to tears. If you have a Vampire Love you want me to mention, post it in the comments.

This is a series about Love. Doesn’t the above list of romances prove that? I don’t like the mushiness of Valentine’s Day, but it has given me a reason to write on my most favourites of love stories, so, thank you Valentine’s Day, or, Vampire Relations Appreciation Day.

And also, since it’s Valentine’s Day, do pick yourself up a copy of Blood Pearl, all vampire romancey and deliciously dark. It’s free. Sssh, don’t think about it, just do it <3