Damon Salvatore

Love him or hate him, The Vampire Diaries’ bad-but-pretty boy vamp brings a much needed dark hero to the otherwise fluffy series…

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen may be more fairy than vampire, but his sudden rise to fame/infamy deserves study…

Eric Northman

The sex idol that is Eric Northman was a nobody within the vampire genre until the explosion that was the season premiere of True Blood in September 2008…

Marius De Romanus

The fatherly figure that has haunted our vampire infused dreams since his first brief appearance in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat…

Lestat De Lioncourt

Of all vampire in history (fiction or otherwise), Lestat de Lioncourt deserves to be written of here the most. I don’t say that my obsessive ramblings could ever do him justice… Quite frankly, they can’t… But he has been the vampiric love of, not only my life, but many, for decades now.

Stefan Salvatore

All characters – particularly vampires – should have two sides to them. I simply find it frustrating that Stefan’s “good” side is so extreme.


My heart goes out to Armand, as I have stated before when discussing Marius. Many readers see him as either weak, for falling into mind-bending propaganda (delivered in the harshest fashion, I may add), or cruel. But what choice did he have? Never the most emotionally stable of characters, it is unsurprising, really, that Armand’s mind snapped under the tender ministrations of Santino, who tortured him, body and soul, through starvation and murderous acts of survival.


People often judge an author by the emotional strength of his/her most prominent female character. Recently this question was asked of Anne Rice: Has she incorporated any strong female characters into her work? If so, whom? The question would seem to be answered by the most glaringly overwhelming woman to span the chronicles: Pandora.

Louis de Pointe du Lac

Regardless of how we feel about Louis, we have to remember that everything he describes is seen through his eyes. We experience the world in Interview through him, and Louis is more surely a student of Lestat’s savage garden than Lestat ever was.

Daniel Malloy

In a crummy apartment room on Divisadero Street, Daniel’s life is altered as he listens to Louis’ story; at first disbelieving and then gradually becoming enthralled, until it is all he can think of.

David Talbot

An old man in a young man’s form: David’s story is one of upheaval, being forced into change, and ultimately discovering that one’s inhibitions can often be the thing standing in between oneself and spiritual transcendence…


Claudia’s story is tragic. Not simply because of the injustice of her small existence, but also for the fact that she was doomed from the beginning…


The character of Khayman is testament to the fact that a vampire’s age does not necessarily affect the humanity that he possesses. It has very little to do with whether or not he becomes a raving monster or continues to treat mortals with compassion…


Where Lestat aspires to thrive anywhere, knowing he will dominate just by being the force that is himself, Nicolas fought just to keep himself from drowning…

Jesse Reeves

Jesse Miriam Reeves was born to greatness, though she did not realise it for a large portion of her life. She was also born under a bad sign, and the beginnings of her life do not hint at the momentous path her life would follow later…

Bianca Solderini

Bianca is that beautiful creation at a masked ball that one cannot place. She is simultaneously seductive and disconcerting. A warning look in her eye as she beckons you closer…


Akasha is the core of the web of blood and seeming telepathic link which spreads out from her to the metaphysical circulatory systems of all vampires…

Mona Mayfair

To add to her peculiarity, or rather, her desire to appear innocent, for the purpose of disguising her extra-curricular activities, Mona dressed as a young child, with sweet dresses, baby doll shoes, and ribbons in her hair…

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