The psychology of vampirism

A brief look into the old question: why do people gravitate towards vampire characters and the strong vampire perspective, in literature, and media?

Are vampires real?

In short, are we to believe every oddity that walks across our paths on the internet and claims to be a real vampire?

Because the vampire bat is so last season

If there were science behind a thing that defies all scientific presumption, how would its physicality work?

Blending humanity and monstrosity

What is the perfect balance to the hypothetical vampire? Where does the humanity need to forfeit for the monster, and vice versa?

Anne Rice

A short homage to the queen of vampire literature.

What makes a great vampire?

In a world where vampire fiction is rampant, what makes true vampires tick? What makes readers yearn for more?

The Dark Gift

A conversational topic.

If I ever thought Tyra Banks was an idiot…

Ever been coerced into stage shivers at someone with dark make-up, piercings, and fangs? Tyra has.

On the viability of vampire sexuality

Vampires are portrayed as highly sexualised beings, but, can this be so? If so, how, and why?

The Talamasca

Anne Rice’s hidden organisation of psychics.

A little respect might be appreciated

In response to those that hide in the anonymous shadows of the internet, trolling for a reaction.

A tentative look at the dawn of the heroic vampire

The evolution of the vampire has been a journey from the monstrous, to the humane, to a fine amalgamation of the two, and back again, where readers demand (and are rewarded with) both monstrous, and compassionate vampires, each terrifying in their own right, and each highly compelling.

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